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Björn Höcke has praised the Center for Political Beauty as a »terrorist group«. Get close to the action and become an accomplice to a terrorist organization so far sadly recognized only by Höcke, Erdogan, and the Free State of Thuringia! As an accomplice you will make an invaluable contribution to inciting public unrest in the service of aggressive humanism. Nowhere else will you receive more unrest and dissent for every donated Euro. 

»The Center for Political Beauty is a new kind of medium: They create the news they’d like to see themselves!«

Georg Diez, Spiegel Online

»The operations of the Center for Political Beauty are drastic and provocative. They are large-scale productions that pit society, politics, and the media against each other, without a permanent stage or ensemble.«


»The Center is always concerned with the key questions of our time: How to deal with dictators, human rights violations, and genocide?«


The Center for Political Beauty is an assault troop that establishes moral beauty, political poetry, and human magnanimity.

»Art must hurt«

The Center for Political Beauty embodies a radical form of humanism. It is an assault troop that establishes moral beauty, political poetry, and human magnanimity. The Center fuses the power of fantasy with the power of history. Our fundamental conviction is that the terrible legacy of the Holocaust is rendered void by political apathy, the rejection of refugees, and cowardice. We believe that Germany should not only learn from its history but also take action.

We shape political resistance for the 21st century, arming reality with moral fantasy and the power of history. Resistance is an art that must hurt, irritate, and unsettle. We experiment with the laws of reality and fill the space previously occupied by public intellectuals: the moral conscience.

Center for Political Beauty Art must hurt

Radical humanism

Our negotiators provide information on what we can do and give away expert insider advice: How can you make life hell for those who profit from crimes against humanity? Remove an entire memorial site from the government district? Tear down the walls of Europe?
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Humanity Center for Political Beauty

»Whoever does such a thing is a terrorist. The Center for Political Beauty is not a group of artists, but a terrorist organization!«

Björn Höcke

»The CPB’s operations facilitate a polarization of political discourse and foster societal division!«

German Federal Ministry of the Interior

"The CPB trivializes the crimes of Hitler's Germany. Knowingly. Deliberately."

AfD Thuringia

»The operations of the Center are always a coup. Clandestinely prepared, virtuosly executed, accompanied by effective publicity.«


»The breaking of taboos and the pushing of boundaries are the hallmarks of the CPB, which is stepping into the huge void left by artists like Joseph Beuys and Christoph Schlingensief.«

Der Standard

»I am morally appalled!«

Kurt Braatz · press spokesperson of arms manufacturer Krauss Maffei-Wegmann

Recognized by Erdogan, Björn Höcke and the Free State of Thuringia as a terrorist organization. 

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