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The Federal Emergency Programme

Saving lives can be so simple – if one truly wants to. The German government rescues 55,000 Syrian children from the war with a ready-to-use Emergency Programme developed by the Center for Political Beauty. According to UNICEF, 5.5 million Syrian children are in acute need of help. Thanks to the Federal Emergency Programme, 55,000 children (“One in a Hundred”) can be temporarily admitted to Germany. With the full authority of the federal government and the Ministry of Family Affairs, we looked for foster families in order to remind of the apocalyptical situation in Syria.


TV commercials, leaflets, a series of seven ads and the centrepiece of the entire campaign: a meticulously detailled 24 A4 pages long website for the recruitment of interested foster families, application form and other documents, including legal texts. No “hoax“ but a comprehensive plan to rescue 55,000 Syrian children.

Combatting the international community’s passivity: a Minister of Family Affairs wants to do more than talk and listen. Her resolute action improves Germany’s image abroad. Even Madeleine Albright (whose cousin survived the holocaust thanks to the Kindertransport) says: “Minister Schwesig’s courage deserves our respect!“


The website is launched on a Monday. Those who are interested in the programme can call around the clock for more information. Six actors answer the phone calls. The German media show a keen interest. Within one week, 800 families applied to take a Syrian child into care – even though the artistic nature of the campaign was openly declared. The government is exposed. Saving lives is not part of their understanding of politics.

  • “A drastic art campaign!“

  • “An extraordinary idea!“

    ZDF aspekte
  • “Assault troop of aggressive humanism!”



Welcome to hyper realism: No cynicism. No irony. Just the naked truth changing reality. Two days after the launch, the government is forced to announce that it intends to take in more Syrian refugees.

“A memorial against the mortal fears and danger that Syrian children find themselves in. Those who think that’s cynical are probably right. But reality is even more cynical. In political reality not even one in a hundred children is rescued.“


“It is a small sensation: only 4 days after the Kindertransport website was launched, the Center for Political Beauty is invited to the Federal Chancellery. The appointment was known all week long. The Center set the date as part of their campaign. On Thursday, the government’s spokesperson Steffen Seibert officially confirmed the appointment.“



Be that as it may, the transcript of the meeting still makes the front page of German newspapers. According to the Chancellery, Germany is doing considerably well compared to the inhumanity of its European neighbours. Yet, it is states such as Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon which uphold the faith in humanity. They let millions of Syrians into their country. In 2014, wealthy European countries only took in 0.5% of all Syrian refugees. Germany admitted 0.1%.

“The Center for Political Beauty stirs up Berlin’s political circles with hyper-realistic campaigns [a method used in theatre] with which they first make politicians look like fools before compelling them to act. For the Center’s “helping hand“ a theatre does not suffice: their stage is the whole of Berlin. They direct politics like a theatre play. The Center for Political Beauty not only wants social conflicts to explode, it also experiments with solutions.“

Die Welt

With historic eye for detail, the British Kindertransport was adapted to the German reality of 2014. In the video on the left, a member of the Ministry of Family Affairs says in Arabic the exact same sentences that were used for thousands of German mothers in 1938.

The story of the Kindertransport is first and foremost a story of the destruction of German Jewish families and secondly the story of a transitory crack in the wall of the Allied defense against refugees. In the video on the right, Kurt Guttmann calls on the solidarity of the Minister of Family Affairs.

The Aleppo poster below in Arabic prohibits parents to accompany their children to the bus station. Another analogy to German history.

“The true scandal is that we must seriously ask the government: what would happen if we saved in one in a hundred? What times do we live in where rescuing one per cent is seen as utopian?”

Center for Political Beauty

Background: Syrian apocalypse

The biggest humanitarian disaster of the 21st century up until now: 13 million refugees, 5.5 million children, approximately 200,000 casualties (as of 2014). Dictator Assad systematically besieges, starves and bombs more than 40 areas in Syria. The Syrian population is killed in slow motion right in front of our eyes. Assad’s troops besiege entire city districts and cut them off from humanitarian aid and medical care. After being banned from using chemical weapons, Assad now counts on starvation and air strikes. The population is completely exhausted. Give us food so that we can survive and we will renonce everything we hoped for: democracy, human rights and liberty.

Assad drops “barrel bombs“ on besieged towns. As their name suggest, barrel bombs are old oil barrels filled with explosives, nails and shrapnel that are meant to kill or wound as many people as possible. This is what the betrayal of civilisation looks like in Syria: two-year old Ghina Bassam was unconscious when she was dug out of the debris that was once her room. The barrel bomb attack killed her mother and one of her sisters. The girl survived as if through a miracle. She is no exception. There are thousands of these images. The next generation will see them and ask: how could our parents let this happen? The German Minister of Foreign Affairs will fly to Syria to take part in a commemorative conference and pledge in a passionate speech that this must NEVER happen again. What is happening in Syria is not an ordinary crisis. Syria is the largest political crime that has been committed in decades.