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Support us now! As an accomplice you will make an invaluable contribution to inciting public unrest in the service of aggressive humanism. Every donation matters. You’ll become an accomplice with a yearly contribution of €100, which is €8.33 per month or 28 cents a day.
Nowhere else will you receive more unrest and dissent for every donated Euro.

Why become an accomplice?

Political pressure

Do you want radical humanism? The CPB is made possible by over 3,000 accomplices. The operations are financed by private individuals like you. Even a small, regular contribution helps us to act more robustly and to not let inhumanity off the hook. As an accomplice, you enable the CPB to defend itself against legal challenges and to carry out operations.

The future of the revolution

Take a look at the future: where the classic forms of protest (demonstrators carrying lights and online petitions) play themselves out, we are finding new ones! Our operations have already turned businessmen into sea rescuers, members of the federal government into humanitarians, and arms dealers into dropouts. Be the first to learn about our operations, which constitutional law expert Prof. Gerd Seidel has called »a threat to Germany's national security«, and hear the stories behind the scenes.

Forceful protest without violent force

Join us and become an accomplice of the world's only terrorist organization that is recognized exclusively by Björn Höcke, Erdogan and the Free State of Thuringia.
We guarantee that we are the only terrorist organization in the world that fights for human rights!

Our operations are the result of months of professional background research. They are well thought-out campaigns that rely on the power of ideas. We do not protest with press releases.

Revolutionary memorabilia

As an accomplice, you can stock up with posters, books, postcards, t-shirts, framed pictures, DVDs and much more. Show your complicity in a charitable terrorist organization to your friends and neighbors.

Best of all, you'll get money back with your tax return. Your sponsorship contribution is tax deductible. You'll get up to 50% of the amount you invest in the CPB back from the tax authority. Turmoil and dissent with government leverage? You can only get that here. You donate – we exaggerate.

»Whoever does such a thing is a terrorist. The Center for Political Beauty is not a group of artists, but a terrorist organization!«

Björn Höcke

»The CPB’s operations facilitate a polarization of political discourse and foster societal division!«

German Federal Ministry of the Interior

"The CPB trivializes the crimes of Hitler's Germany. Knowingly. Deliberately."

AfD Thuringia

»The operations of the Center are always a coup. Clandestinely prepared, virtuosly executed, accompanied by effective publicity.«


»The Center is always concerned with the key questions of our time: How to deal with dictators, human rights violations, and genocide?«


»I am morally appalled!«

Kurt Braatz, press spokesperson of arms manufacturer Krauss Maffei-Wegmann


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