Chief negotiator 
Philipp Ruch
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Chief Escalation Officer
Stefan Pelzer
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Chief of staff
Helen Walker 

Privy Councilor
André Leipold  Pfeil Created with Sketch.


Shake things up – Become an accomplice!

Björn Höcke has praised the Center for Political Beauty as a »terrorist group«. Get close to the action and become an accomplice to a terrorist organization so far sadly recognized only by Höcke, Erdogan, and the Free State of Thuringia! As an accomplice you will make an invaluable contribution to inciting public unrest in the service of aggressive humanism. Nowhere else will you receive more unrest and dissent for every donated Euro. 

Recognized as a terrorist organization by Björn Höcke and the Free State of Thuringia. 

* * * * *