"Ruch frightens politics with hyper-realistic actions. It is the means of theatre with which he first presents political Berlin and then forces it to act. A theatre hall isn't enough for him to help: Ruchs Bühne is all over Berlin and he also stages the politics. The social conflict should not only detonate, Ruch is also experimenting with its solution."

Philipp Ruch

Founder and chief negotiator of the Center for Political Beauty. Born 1981 in Dresden he studied political philosophy. Doctorate in political history of ideas: "Honour and revenge. An emotional history of ancient law" (with Prof. Herfried Münkler and Prof. Hartmut Böhme) - awarded summa cum laude. In winter 2015 "If we didn't show up, who would? A political manifesto" was released. A book about toxic ideas that make human self-esteem and self-reflection impossible.

Several actions revolve around the shocking experience of Western inability to act in the face of genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina and genocide in Syria (salvage work on Lethe, Himmel über Srebrenica, Kindertransporthilfe des Bundes, 2099). In 2010, the Center for Political Beauty won the support of over 6,000 survivors of Srebrenica for the "Pillars of Shame" memorial project. Numerous productions: GORKI Theatre, Münchner Kammerspiele, Theater Neumarkt, Berlin Biennale, Schauspiel Dortmund, Steirischer Herbst, NGBK.

"Maybe we can be glad to have Philipp Ruch, a producer of images and emotions, who bombs us in the heart. Happy, because it has become so difficult to produce feelings and images that are strong - and not evil at the same time.“


Selection of English interviews

  • "His pathos is remindful of Schiller, his provocation potential of Beuys."

  • "With radical actions Philipp Ruch has become the most famous German political artist."

  • "In his person, the dashing man has returned to the character repertoire of our moral debate."

    Patrick Bahners, FAZ

"If you beat the word 'beauty' against the word 'politics', you create the spark for a revolution."

Philipp Ruch

English contributions

Illegal Actions II. On the Correct Medication of Political Action Art ZKM Karlsruhe

Open letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations

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The Crisis in Sudan: The Fourth Genocide The European

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