We all forget something now and then: The Bundeswehr is searching for its weapons!

We have taken over the German Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) and are now searching for weapons, explosives, and ammunition that have »disappeared« - or rather have been stolen by right wing extremists - from all units of the Bundeswehr. Right wing extremism is arming. Tips that lead to the apprehension of the perpetrators are eligible for rewards of €1000.

Verschwundene Waffen

»The fact that a German intelligence service - the MAD - is turning to the public for help in solving the unscrupulous theft of Bundeswehr equipment is probably unique in the history of the Federal Republic.«

Peter Tauber, State Secretary

Wo sind unsere Waffen? unsere-waffen.de Fahndungsplakat. Verschwundene Waffen.

1000 Euros for every tip!

We wrote to 4281 departments of the Bundeswehr to inform them about the search (PDF in German). The response was overwhelming. Knowledge about anti-democratic activities is abundant, but no one has collected it yet. We are changing that now.

The new tip website

As a sign of the Bundeswehr's new willingness to clean up right-wing extremism in its own ranks, the Military Counterintelligence Service has set up a new reporting online tool. As MAD, we guarantee impunity.

Anyone who has made observations regarding the theft of weapons and ammunition, or who can provide information on the perpetrators or on organized right-wing extremist structures within the Special Forces Command (KSK) or the Bundeswehr, is requested to report immediately.

Wo sind unsere Waffen? Laptop mit Aktionswebsite. Verschwundene Waffen.

Soldier! Why YOU should help:

1. Silence is complicity: Your observations can be crucial in the fight against the enemy from within. Do not stand idly by as the reputation of the Bundeswehr is being tainted. If you remain silent, you are covering up criminal behavior against the Federal Republic of Germany!
2. Look at the big picture: What may look like solidarity with your fellow soldiers at first glance, is in fact a breach of your duty of fidelity towards your homeland. You were sworn to protect the German people, not to cover criminal extremists.
3. Your courage decides: It all comes down to you. No one can bear this responsibility for you. We are only strong together! You are not alone. The MAD can only counter threats if it has attentive ears within the troops.

Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

Join the search now!
Here’s what’s missing:

»It's a subject that seems almost too serious for artistic treatment. But only almost.«

Der Standard

Criteria for the reward

1. A suspect is taken into custody and spends at least 24 hours there.
2. A suspect is suspended from duty or dishonorably discharged from the Bundeswehr (disciplinary action).
3. A suspect's garden and/or house is searched for weapons by the executive authorities on a court order.
4. A suspect is convicted on the basis of the tip.
5. An item of equipment listed here and stolen from the armed forces is found as a result of the tip.
6. Rush to judgment by the BILD newspaper: name and photo of a crime suspect are published by BILD.

»As a former regular soldier and armory attendant, this is unimaginable. No soldier would have left the barracks until everything was accounted for. To me, this stinks to high heaven! A bunch of folks are in on it!!!«

Dustin H., via facebook

Find our explosives

The defense minister set a deadline of October 31, 2020 for the Special Forces Command (KSK) to "recover" 60 kilograms of explosives (PETN). Since 2010, substantial quantities of ammunition and weapons have disappeared from the KSK. There can no longer be a "black hole" tolerated from above, certainly not in the elite unit of the Bundeswehr, which specializes in sabotage attacks with explosives on critical infrastructure, covert operations, and liquidations in the hinterland.

„Citizens must be able to trust without reservation the soldiers to whom they entrust the Republic's weapons of war that they will at all times stand up for the free democratic basic order enshrined in the Basic Law, both on and off duty.“

Federal Government Commissioner for the Armed Forces

Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen
Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Plakate: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Plakate: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Plakate: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Plakate: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Plakate: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Plakate: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

»Anyone who sees this inventory list will get their hackles up. If the information is reliable, it points to a sinister state of normalcy, the scope of which seems even more threatening and claustrophobic after the attack on a synagogue in Halle on Yom Kippur and on two shisha bars in Hanau in February of this year.«

Berliner Zeitung

Extremists? No fellow soldiers.

In 2019 we were only able to uncover 14 extremists. But that’s not because of us. It is because the troops are not willing enough to report suspected cases. The MAD cannot be successful on its own. We need a climate of attentiveness, that means we need to be more vigilant and ready to reconnoiter within our own ranks. If you see something, say something!

»We know: There have been right-wing extremist incidents within the Bundeswehr. And the Bundeswehr must have no interest in tolerating right-wing extremist structures in its ranks. (...) What is decisive for the leadership of the Bundeswehr and also for politics is this message to the soldiers: It is right to participate in exposing extremist activities. It is not a betrayal and it is not a violation of honor, but exactly the opposite.«

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Loads of informants come forward

Already 6 hours after the start of the new MAD reconnaissance campaign, hundreds of tips had been received. The tips were evaluated by specialist staff at the CPB. On the very first evening, this resulted in a list of 44 concretely suspected Bundeswehr or KSK soldiers, which went directly to the Minister of Defense (confirmation of transmission).

Verschwundene Waffen. Da fällt mir wirklich nichts mehr ein.

Generals are calling in from barracks in all parts of the country, requesting information material, providing tips, and receiving training by us in how to deal with suspected cases of right-wing extremism. On the very first day, we were able to recruit 14 reliable informants in the troops for our purposes.

»During my time of service back in Tauberbischofsheim, several G36s were also stolen (armory burgled). Oddly enough, they're not on the list, so did they turn up again or is that statute-barred?«

Svbl via Twitter

»I served in Hamm in 2004-5. In the neighboring town of Ahlen, an armory of the Westfalen barracks was broken into at the time and ›around‹ 200 weapons were stolen in the process alone. So the number of unreported cases is probably much higher.... unfortunately.«

Denny via Facebook

»I wonder how sloppy they keep their armory that something like this can just disappear. In our days, the slightest deviation spelled big trouble. Ammunition, alright, but weapons and explosives?«

Mustafa M. via Twitter

»Everybody may have a different point of view on the content of this campaign, but basically it is a complex information attack.«

paulcstrobel via Instagram

»It's incomprehensible to me, when I was in the army, they already caused a scene on the firing range if a cartridge was missing. Then we had to crawl on all fours across the meadow and look for the cartridge.«

René S. via Twitter

»I'm really surprised. If the armory was not full 30 years ago, no one left the barracks until the weapon was found. [...] The place really seems to be run-down.«

Leicester Mowell via facebook

»When a maneuver cartridge device (attachment for a G3) was missing during our basic training in times of conscription we had to search the training area all night (without success, of course). And now you read something like this.«


»This is the responsibility of the defense minister and she deserves a proper kick up the backside. I was a conscript 45 years ago, such sloppiness was not possible back then!«

Joachim D. via facebook

»Making ammunition disappear was never a problem. Even for me as a private. Probably almost everyone took live ammunition or flare ammunition as souvenirs.«

Florian via Mail

»When I was in the army, it was an open secret that the ›Horst Wessel Lied‹ was bawled by certain officers in drunken stupor in the officers’ mess and the ›German salute‹ was commonplace. When a magazine and a firing pin of a G3 went missing after a shooting training despite hours of searching, the skirting board was unscrewed in the weapons room there and ›replacements‹ were provided. All in all, they had probably stocked up with 1 MG3, a couple of G3s and quite a few P1s each with their associated live cartridges in stock as ›spares‹.«


»I remember this from NVA times. Back then, in our barracks alone, a complete box of hand grenades disappeared. It was never found. [...] There was also an illegal trade in 39 caliber ammunition. Roughly 15-20% of male uniform wearers were militant and nationalistic.«

Mike H. via Instagram

»They can't even take care of their stuff. How embarrassing! We always had to hand in our weapons and ammunition in a controlled manner. If something was missing, everything was turned upside down until it turned up again.«

Kai D. via facebook

Deutschland 2020: Verschwundene Waffen aus Armeebeständen.

»The MAD is looking pretty stupid right now.«

MDR Kultur

Soldat hält Rede: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

»The Bundeswehr has had problems for years with weapons that are obviously being stolen.«


»And who knows: in view of how plausible the whole campaign sounded, a responsible authority or even the MAD itself could possibly adopt the idea soon.«


»The elite unit of the German Armed Forces is suspected of being a rallying point for right-wing extremist views.«


»Help, more and more weapons are being stolen from the Bundeswehr! Where are they going? Who are the thieves? Never mind, says Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK), but ›the explosives must be back by the end of the week‹! [...]
Otherwise, Mutti will be angry. And that is why a ›war weapons return station‹ has now been set up directly in front of the Federal Chancellery. The repentant thieves may please return the stolen war equipment there, then they will go unpunished. Promise, for realsies!«


»The completely unironic name of the campaign: 'Where are our weapons?' The Defense Ministry is addressing the public with an extraordinary plea for help: Since the Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) has ›unfortunately‹ received few leads so far on the whereabouts of ammunition stolen by suspected extremists, the intelligence agency has decided to ›turn to the people of the country with a broad media and attention campaign‹ and ask for help.«

the pioneer

»The first impulse when looking at it is: joy, about the fact that something like this is possible in this country. That such an installation, an arm's length away from the government headquarters, is allowed to stand at all.«


Weapon return station in front of the Chancellery

In cooperation with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit, we set up a war weapons return station directly in front of the Federal Chancellery. For weeks, pistols, rifles, ammunition, hand grenades and explosives could be handed over anonymously at the site. The Minister of Defense assured all members of the Bundeswehr who had buried war equipment at home that they would be exempt from punishment if they returned it.

Waffenrückgabestation am Kanzleramt für verschwundene Waffen.
Waffen zurückgeben. Waffensammlungscontainer für verschwundene Waffen.
Waffenrückgabe. Waffenrückgabecontainer für verschwundene Waffen.
Waffenrückgabe. Waffenrückgabecontainer für verschwundene Waffen.
Verschwundene Waffen bitte einzeln einwerfen!
Soldat hält Rede: Wir suchen unsere verschwundenen Waffen.
Soldat regt sich auf: Wir suchen unsere verschwundenen Waffen.
Passanten schauen sich Waffenrückgabecontainer für verschwundene Waffen an.
Passanten machen Fotos vom Waffenrückgabecontainer für verschwundene Waffen.
Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen. Kanzleramt bei Nacht.
Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

»The Center for Political Beauty is always good for a surprise.«


Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen. Waffenmobil.

We’ll also visit you at home!

The Campaign Weapons Vehicle is touring villages in the northeast of the country to collect lost weapons from Bundeswehr stockpiles. The 35-ton truck has a weapons hatch where war materiel can be dropped off anonymously and there is a full tour schedule through the summer.

Soldaten im Feld. Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Waffenmobil. Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

»Do we really have to do everything ourselves?«

gottwuerfeltnicht, commentary on Zeit.de

Bundeswehr an Briefkasten: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Bundeswehr an Briefkasten: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Soldaten an Waffenklappe. Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

Letters, bulletins, reconnaissance

Brigadier General Markus Kreitmayr addresses the soldiers and staff of his Special Forces Command.

Brigadier General Markus Kreitmayr addresses the soldiers and staff of his Special Forces Command.

Parliamentary State Secretary Dr. Peter Tauber (member of the Bundestag) offers patronage of the campaign to Hansjörg Meyer of the Federal Ministry of Defense.

Parliamentary State Secretary Dr. Peter Tauber (member of the Bundestag) offers patronage of the campaign to Hansjörg Meyer of the Federal Ministry of Defense.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer asks the citizens of Ulm and Calw for help and informs them about the Stuttgart-Ulm suspected explosive ordnance zone.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer asks the citizens of Ulm and Calw for help and informs them about the Stuttgart-Ulm suspected explosive ordnance zone.

The Federal Office for Military Counterintelligence informs the Army Command via General Alfons Kohl: Extremists are no comrades!

The Federal Office for Military Counterintelligence informs the Army Command via General Alfons Kohl: Extremists are no comrades!

Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

»That's gotta be a joke. How is a bazooka supposed to fit in there?«

busterbeans #keinpixelnachrechts

»Here’s to Austria. There, no one really knows what's missing.«

Stephan M. via facebook

»The whole thing is completely unnecessary. If the socio-political situation continues to worsen, the missing weapons will reappear on their own.«

Christian R. via Facebook

»If someone manages to steal 60 kg of explosives, they deserve it.«

only_niklas via instagram

»Tried to return a bazooka yesterday but your flaps are way too small unfortunately.

Pim PmyExhibit

»Ha, just when @politicalbeauty starts searching for real, the first missing explosives reappear!«

Sebastian @sebsch_85

»It’s like Easter only with guns and Nazis!«

Der typische Computermann via Twitter

»Change the reward to 10,000 Reichsmark.«

Maxim W. via facebook

»Battle of the century: Combat 18 vs. Covid-19«

Jens Consoir via facebook

»The MAD: it was left-wing extremists!«

Florian Nimcik

»The only thing that can stop a bad guy with 60 kg Sprengstoff is a good guy with 60 kg Sprengstoff!!«

Sammy S.

»I would like to turn in Friedrich Merz. He’s only a small caliber, but could, if it goes badly, ruin the country for good.«

Jürgen W.

»Can I put Reichsbürger in there too? We have more than enough to give away here.«

Kristin R.

»In Greta’s words: ›We want you to panic as hard as possible.‹«

Karsten K.

»Doesn't the Bundeswehr have enough personnel to find their own weapons?«

Christoph W. via facebook

»Red alert for all democrats!«

Artur B., comment on heise.de

Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Die Bundeswehr warnt: Vorsicht Lebensgefahr! Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Sodalt gibt Waffe zurück. Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Die Bundeswehr warnt: Vorsicht Lebensgefahr! Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

Schrödinger's cat at the Bundeswehr

In the absolutely secret report about the disappearance of 62 kg of explosives and about finding 2 kg of it in Collm/Saxony in the garden of a young soldier it says now: the 62 kg of explosives do not exist at all (»counting error«!). Thus, the explosives exist and do not exist at the same time!

A quote from the secret report of the Bundeswehr: »Since the ammunition was presumably never actually present, the annual inventory in Dec. 2019 led to a presumed understock of 62 kg. A counting and subsequent accounting error in 2018 is therefore to be assumed with great likelihood.« 

What can you do with 60 kg of explosives?

1000 hand grenades (type DM51). Or: Blow up the entire Lufthansa aircraft fleet (600 planes)!

Was kann man mit dem Sprengstoff machen?
1000 Handgranate DM51 oder:
600 Flugzeuge sprengen

Verschwundene Waffen: PETN Plastiksprengstoff Nitropenta
Kanzleramt bei Nacht: verschwundene Waffen.
Laptop mit Website: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

Suspected explosive ordnance zones:

Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

Minister President Manuela Schwesig (SPD) declares the Schwerin metropolitan area a "suspected explosive ordnance zone" under the Civil Defense Act - i.e. areas where there is reasonable suspicion that right-wing extremist KSK soldiers have secretly created explosives and ammunition depots from Bundeswehr stocks.

Container in Landschaft: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

The state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern currently has the highest incidence of found weapons and Reichsbürger. Previously, Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer had also included the cities of Cologne, Hamm, and Giessen in the existing safeguard plan.

Die Bundeswehr warnt: Vorsicht Lebensgefahr! Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.
Container vor Backsteinwand: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

Suspected explosive ordnance zone: Stuttgart-Ulm

Ulm: Verschwundene Waffen.

In the district of Ulm, there is a well-founded suspicion that right-wing extremist KSK soldiers have secretly set up explosives and ammunition depots from Bundeswehr stocks.

Stuttgart: Verschwundene Waffen.

Caution: Danger to life! Also in Stuttgart.

Ulm: Verschwundene Waffen.
Ulm: Verschwundene Waffen.
Calw: verschwundene Waffen. Trecker auf Landstraße. Container an Landstraße.
Ortsschild Stadt Blaustein mit Fahndungsplakat: Verschwundene Waffen.

All households in Blaustein/Ulm, as well as within a radius of 5 km around the residences of KSK soldiers who have raised suspicion, were informed by mail about the dangerous situation and called upon to be more vigilant.

Ortsschild Calw mit Fahndungsplakat: Verschwundene Waffen.

After the measures became known, the Bundeswehr frantically attempted to cover up the situation: the KSK barracks in Calw arbitrarily dispatched military police officers, so-called Feldjäger (without service insignia), who unlawfully removed the warning notices from public space and intimidated citizens and soldiers who were willing to report.

Kiosk in Blaustein mit Container und Fahnungsplakat: Verschwundene Waffen.
Fahndung nach verschwundenen Waffen.
Bundeswehr Fahndung nach verschwundenen Waffen.
Calw: Vorsicht Lebensgefahr! Verschwundene Waffen.
Fahndung nach verschwundenen Waffen.
Fahndung in Fußgängerzone nach verschwundenen Waffen.
Heidelberg: Verschwundene Waffen.
Leonberg: Verschwundene Waffen.
Hauptbahnhof, ZOB West, ZOB Ost, Verschwundene Waffen.
Verschwundene Waffen
Verschwundene Waffen

»Favorite hiding spots«

Places where right-wing extremist soldiers hid weapons according to investigation files: In the garden, pantry, vehicle safe, there was a firearm in the hallway area, ammunition boxes in a safe, ammunition in unlocked boxes, in boxes in the shed, a long gun magazine filled with 10 rounds in a tactical vest in the study, parts of a Glock magazine in a backpack in the hallway, in the car dealership of somebody’s parents/adoptive parents in Halle, further a dagger sharpened on both sides on the driver's side of the car, a blue trash can with ammunition in the driveway, an alarm gun i the children's room, an unsecured rifle in the shed, ammunition parts in boxes and packets, a backpack with ammunition in the entrance aren, a box with unused Bundeswehr training grenades and war weapon ammunition in the house, 2 ammunition boxes in the bungalow in a gap between refrigerator and wall, in a workshop in the Örtzetal barracks, in a showcase in the bedroom, two wooden boxes with ammunition in the cellar,, a bucket with cartridge belts, plastic containers, clearly recognizable as Bundeswehr property, one soldier took ammunition, explosive devices, and weapon parts along in his mother's car and stored them on shelves in his room in the student dormitory.

Michendorf, Landkreis Potsdam-Mittelmark: Verschwundene Waffen.
Container im Wald: Verschwundene Waffen

Suspected explosive ordnance zone Potsdam-Mittelmark

Extremisten? Keine Kameraden! Verschwundene Waffen.
Laptop auf Tisch: Wo sind unsere Waffen? Verschwundene Waffen.

»The deadline I set for the recovery of explosives and weapons expires on Saturday, 31.10.2020 - by then at the latest, all those involved will face serious consequences, the dissolution of the KSK is within the realm of possibilities. It is not a good sign that military police in Ulm are now going out on their own authority and unlawfully removing information posters for the population that are specially protected under Article 5 (3) of the Basic Law from the cityscape, thus intimidating the population instead of actively helping to secure the restricted areas and search for weapons.«

Minister of Defense Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer

»Finally something good coming out of the
@BMVg_Bundeswehr @akk: it's time to search for weapons, ammunition, grenades, explosives stolen over the years. [...]
You know me, as far as I’m concerned they can shut the #MAD down. But here it’s actually doing a good job: #WhereAreOurWeapons«

Martina Renner, Die Linke

»I never thought I would be called upon by @BMVg_Bundeswehr to help as an investigator. But good to know what to look out for. #weapons«

Mahmut Özdemir, SPD member of the Bundestag

»New campaign by @politicalbeauty: weapons reported missing by the Bundeswehr can now be handed in in front of the Chancellor's Office. Off into the garbage can. And the list of what's missing is depressing, anyway.«

Julius Betschka, Tagesspiegel

»That's what I call successful privatization! WHERE ARE OUR WEAPONS?«

Sibylle Berg via Twitter

»Dear misguided lone perpetrators, please come forward and throw the 48,000 rounds of secret ammunition (!) of the KSK into one of these pretty drop boxes.«

danyarcade via Twitter

»Heeeey, @politicalbeauty, I know where our German weapons are - e.g. in Turkey & Hungary, but they’re used worldwide... Winking Smiley!«

Martin Sonneborn, Die Partei

Lebensgefahr am Gleis: Verschwundene Waffen

»It’s not the right way to scare citizens like this!«

Wolfgang Jürgens, Ulm Police

Lebensgefahr: verschwundene Waffen.

»You can think what you want about such a campaign. But something like this is not acceptable at a playground. Posters that say 'danger to life' in large letters unsettle people!«

Schwarzwälder Bote from Calw, location of the Special Forces Command (KSK)

Lebensgefahr: verschwundene Waffen auf Spielplatz. Im Vordergrund eine Wippe, im Hintergrund der Waffencontainer.

»There is also talk of a ›bounty‹«

Stuttgarter Nachrichten

»Did right-wing extremist KSK soldiers set up an explosives depot in the Ulm region?«

Augsburger Allgemeine

»Political protest in Ulm: police investigating.«

SüdWest Presse

»Citizens' reactions to the campaign are mixed.«


»Posters that say ›danger to life‹ in large letters unsettle people.«

Schwarzwälder Bote

»Police investigates - ›You are in a suspected explosive ordnance zone!‹«


»On the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart last week, one or two people might have wondered about the signal red posters on which the Bundeswehr allegedly warned of ›danger to life from weapons‹.«


»Corona is already violent enough, stresses the administrator. There is a need for cohesion and rather than campaigns that further divide the population.«

Schwarzwälder Bote

»Police headquarters Ulm: It’s not the right way to scare citizens like this!«

Schwäbische Allgemeine

»What seems martial turns out to be a campaign of the ›Center for Political Beauty‹«

Schwarzwälder Bote

»The red posters have a really threatening effect.«

Reutlinger General-Anzeiger

»The state against art: in this form, this has probably never happened in Germany before!«

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Shake things up - Become an accomplice!

Björn Höcke has praised the Center for Political Beauty as a »terrorist group«. Get close to the action and become an accomplice to a terrorist organization so far sadly recognized only by Höcke, Erdogan, and the Free State of Thuringia! As an accomplice you will make an invaluable contribution to inciting public unrest in the service of aggressive humanism. Nowhere else will you receive more unrest and dissent for every donated Euro. 

»Botschaft klar, Adressat auch - das ist die Stärke dieser Aktion. Auf ein Problem aufmerksam zu machen, das immer noch unterschätzt wird.«


»Das Zentrum für Politische Schönheit macht mit einer neuen Aktion auf sich aufmerksam.«

Frankfurter Rundschau

»Ein Werk kann Kunst und Aktivismus sein – aber Aktivismus nicht zugleich Kunst.«


»An Wucht mangelt es dem Zentrum für Politische Schönheit selten.«


»Immer wieder überrascht das ZPS-Kollektiv mit spektakulär-subversiven Kunstaktionen, die meist ein breites Medienecho finden, zu kontroversen Diskussionen anregen und nicht selten von Strafanzeigen begleitet sind.«

Ozgur Politika

»Es wurde so viel Mühe in diese Aktion gesteckt, mit so viel Liebe zum Detail gearbeitet, dass nahezu jeder, der sich mit dem Thema beschäftigt, ganz kurz denkt ›Moment, ist das jetzt vielleicht doch ernst gemeint?‹«


»Mit dieser Aktion ist das Künstlerkollektiv zurückgekehrt zu den Themen, die sie groß und bekannt gemacht haben: Bekämpfung des Rechtsradikalismus und genaue Beobachtung von staatlichen Strukturen, die sie möglicherweise stützen oder nicht genug beobachten.«


Presse beobachtet Container für verschwundene Waffen
Verschwundene Waffen bei Nacht

»Ich kann mich noch daran erinnern, dass ein Bekannter von mir aus Thüringen, nen Nazi aus seiner Kleinstadt beim Bund wiedertraf. Der Nazi hat dann damals nen florierenden Handel mit Bundeswehrwaffen, der hatte wohl irgendwo in dem Waffenlager gearbeitet.«

Falk N. via Facebook

»Was in den letzten Jahren aus den #Bundeswehr-Lagern geklaut wurde, reicht für einen #Putsch. Mal sehen was in der Waffen-Abgabestation vor dem #Kanzleramt landet. Wer traut sich & guckt unter die Kopfkissen der rechten #KSK -Mitglieder?#«

Haus der Demokratie via Twitter

»Meine Frau hat auf der Waschmaschine eine Schüssel aufgestellt, zum sammeln was aus der Arbeitshose fällt...
Die bring ich dann immer ¼ Jährlich wieder auf Arbeit.
Liebe Soldaten Frauen ?! :-D«

Michael Dunkelbunt M. via Facebook

»Sofern wahr, ziemlich verstörend…«


»Ich finde die Aktion destruktiv. Das braucht niemand.«


»Aus Erfahrung landet eh alles, was man in diese Container wirft, letztendlich in Afrika.«

Uwe H.

»Nennen wir's doch mal beim Namen. Das Konzept, nach dem hier gehandelt wird, hat ein gewisser Landolf Ladig erfunden: absolutes Stillhalten bis zum Tag X, dann losschlagen.«

Artur B.

»Klassiker: wenn man sich über den Inhalt nicht echauffieren kann, wird die Form angemahnt.«


»Die #Bundeswehr kann nicht auf ihre Waffen aufpassen und macht ein Gewinnspiel draus?
Aufatmen. Es IST Satire. Jedenfalls das Gewinnspiel.«

Nike L.

»Man weiß schon nicht mehr, ob man über die Aktion lachen oder den Hintergrund weinen soll.«

Hanni R. via Facebook

»Wir werden diese Waffen niemals finden, weil es Mitglieder in dieser und vorherigen Administrationen gibt, die kein Interesse daran haben, dass man sie findet!«

Michael Glenn

»Dass man solche Aktionen den Behörden inzwischen zutraut, es nicht als eine solche erkennt, sagt mehr über uns aus als über die Organisatoren der Aktion.«

Andreas S. via Twitter

»›Versagt‹? Der Verein kommt aus dem 3. Reich. Da ist der Begriff ›versagt‹ dermaßen vorbei an der Realität, dass die Schweine vom Dach pfeifen.«

Max W.

»Mal ehrlich - was ist das für eine Bundeswehr, in der es möglich ist Waffen und Zubehör klauen zu können???«


»Erinnert mich an eine Story wo sie bei einer OP einen Fetzen in jemandem vergessen hatten (der dann zu einem massiven aber gutartigen Tumor ranwuchs), bei Nachforschungen hat sich rausgestellt, es wurde schon gemerkt, dass nach der OP ein Fetzen fehlt, aber dann hat man einfach ins Protokoll geschrieben dass schon zu Beginn der OP ein Fetzen zu wenig im Saal war.«

Steve McBroseph

»Immer schön zu sehen, wenn eine solche Aktion hektische Betriebsamkeit in gewissen Kreisen auslöst. Da hat man offensichtlich den richtigen Leuten auf die Füße getreten.«

Thomas P.

»Möglichst hoher übertriebener Aufwand ist keine Kunst. Was manche so treiben nur um in die Zeitung zu kommen ist schon erstaunlich.«


»Danke an das derzeit beste Künstlerkollektiv der Republik.«

Signum sine Tinnitu - Contemporary fine Arts via Facebook 

»Ich find´ja gut, dass ihr @Zentrum für Politische Schönheit das was fehlt, einfach SELBER MACHT !!!«

Andreas C. via Facebook

»Endlich wieder geiler Scheiß vom ZFPS. Weiter so!«

Ma Rius via Facebook

»Vielen Dank, dass ihr Bürger seit Jahren so erschreckt.«

Daniel I. via Facebook

»Chapeau für diese Aktion!
Einfach entwaffnend!«

Andreas R. G. via Facebook

»Immer schön krawalli😋«

Roman S. via Mail

»Style over content – wie immer.«


»Bitte lasst es Satire sein.«

Christiane I.

»Ist das Kunst oder ein ernstgemeinter Aufruf?«

Alexandre R. D. R.

»Gibt es in Deutschland wirklich ein Zentrum für politischen schönheit? Hahaha«

Michele G.

»Kunst. Das Wort, dass du suchst, ist Kunst.«

Martin Herrndorf, BV Kandidat Die Grüne in Köln

»Ich wage zu bezweifeln, daß das ZPS hiermit eine Kunstaktion anstrebt. Sonst würde die Gruppe sich wohl als ZKS, Zentrum für künstlerische Schönheit bezeichnen. Zwinkersmiley«

Doc, Kommentar unter einem Zeit-Artikel

»Das Kunstprojekt ist sehr wohl Teil des politischen Systems, brauchen Sie bloß die Förderer dieses Zentrums anschauen, da sind auch Ministerien dabei.«

The Dentist 6, Kommentar unter einem Standard-Artikel

»Erschrecken mit der Wahrheit? Ja stimmt, schämt Euch. Nächstes Mal bitte ein paar Einhörner statt Kriegswaffen. Oh Moment... Die Bundeswehr hat keine Einhörner verloren sondern jede Menge Kriegswaffen?«

SunnyJoker @not_so_serious

»Ich bin zu alt für dieses Internet. Das ist ein Witz? Oder echt?«


»Wenn das echt ist haben Satiriker echt ein Problem das noch zu überbieten. Wtf.«

Hannes, Twitter

»Die Herausforderung der Satire heutzutage ist doch, dass sie regelmäßig und immer schneller von der Realität überholt wird.«

Florian K

»Interessant auch, dass der rechte Pöbel hier diesmal ganz still ist - und nicht eure Accounts mit Kommentaren flutet, wie anderen Aktionen des Z P S .... ja, ja - der Schuldige schweigt..... Danke für euren Einsatz - es motiviert selbst viel genauer hinzusehen und aktiv zu werden!«

Katja G. via Facebook

»Zentrum für Politische Schönheit beweist mal wieder politischen Sachverstand und eine klare schärfe bezüglich der gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhänge und Gefahren.«

Onushka S. via Facebook

»Hört niemals damit auf Zentrum für Politische Schönheit! Ihr und eure Kunst werden mehr denn je gebraucht.«

En Jay P.  via Facebook

Kanzleramt bei Nacht, verschwundene Waffen.